Winter Working: The best way to work remotely

The Olympics are one of the most highly-anticipated sporting events in the world. This year, the Winter Olympics in Sochi did not disappoint. From the intense ice hockey and speed skating events, to the rush of the luge and graceful figure skating performances, these two weeks have been packed with exciting sports events. And millions of viewers from all over the world have been tuning in to join in on the excitement. The Winter Olympics are a way for people to feel the thrill of these winter sports as if they are really there. But the closing ceremony has brought the 2014 Games to an end, and many people are feeling a sense of the “winter blues.” The Olympics have brought the thrill of winter sports to their living room, so what’s going to fill that space now that the Games are over?

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Well, you might want to check out a brand new app designed to help you find remote working spaces that will allow you to enjoy your favorite winter sports in your off time! After working at your day job remotely at one of the great working spaces identified by the app, you can literally shut down and strap on your skis or snowboard to hit the slopes before dark. Sounds pretty good, huh? If you work remotely, you really don’t want to miss out on this. Why would you waste another day wishing you could be out enjoying your favorite sport, when you can just go and do it? This new app can make it happen.

It’s so easy to search by s ski and skate locations that also have great remote working spaces. Just head over to to explore all the options they have. They’ve carefully selected the best work spaces and remote office locations so you can have the most productive day possible, while being close to skiing and skating. And you can enjoy the benefits of a community of other people with the same goals in mind. Other users can contribute locations they know to be good, so the collection of possibilities will just grow. So don’t even think about saying goodbye to the magical winter sport season, just because the Olympics are over! Fit in your favorite sports into your work day and enjoy winter to the max.

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