Team Building Ideas For Your Rugby Side  

 If you are the captain, manager or owner of a rugby team then you will understand just how important it is to have a team who are able to work well with one another. In fact the power of a team who are firing on all cylinders and working for each other cannot be underestimated and it will almost always beat a team of excellent individuals who are working only for themselves. With this in mind we are going to take a look today at some of the team building exercise and experiences which you can do with your squad, to ensure that they trust and work for each other on the pitch, lets take a look.  


Easy to Plan Activities  

There are a great many team building activities which you can do with your squad in a single day, which will involve heading out into nature and learning how to complete tasks together. This could be anything from paint balling challenges, raft building, assault courses and navigational tasks which requires everyone to work as one in order to achieve their goals. If you are able to take your squad for two or three of these days per year then you will see the benefits on the rugby field.  


Big Trips  

Most rugby teams enjoy an annual beano and you can use this opportunity to inspire team work and a happier squad. Rugby tours are a great way of doing this and they are aimed specifically at rugby squads who are looking to have some fun, and bond as a team. There is a company which offers tours all over the world from Australia to France and right here in the UK. Most of the tours involve having some fun, seeing some sights and even watching professional teams or playing against local sides as part of the break. Your players will feel renewed and refreshed after the break and you can count on a team who will be working for each other on the field of play.  


Buddy System  

What can often happen in teams is that factions begin to appear and certain players will stay with their mates when eating or traveling together. When you get factions like this it can indicate that the team is not as one, something which you will need to change. A perfect way of breaking down these barriers and gaining a team which is more synchronized, is to introduce a buddy system between players who perhaps dont hang out together. When you go away they will stay together and they will also help one another away from the field. The result of this may be tricky at first but over time it will help you to create a squad which respects each person in the team, and therefore works hard for every member.   

Regardless of what you do on the training pitch, if you dont have a team that is working as one, you wont see the best results for your squad.  

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