Reasons to Choose Cornwall as Your Retirement Destination  

 When the time comes to finally close the chapter on your working life you may very much find the need to move house and settle down somewhere where you can enjoy a different lifestyle. Some people look to move abroad to places like Greece, Turkey and Spain, others prefer to relocate right here in the UK. With Brexit leaving the option of moving abroad far more difficult to achieve, it makes much more sense to look within our own borders when choosing the best place, and here is why Cornwall should be at the top of your list of places to go.  


Housing Market   

There is a lot of property for sale in Cornwall and the market here is very stable and the cost of housing down here is very reasonable. Beyond this there is a huge array of homes to choose from such as coastal properties, bungalows, quaint cottages and even Grade listed houses.  



The average age in Cornwall is significantly older than in most parts of the UK and that is because it offers just what the older generation need. What this means for any retirees is that there is a great community to get involved with here, something which is important in starting any new life, especially when you are no longer working.  



We tend to appreciate things like nature far more when we reach a certain age and here in Cornwall you will find it in abundance. From coastal walks across the top of the cliff edge, thick forests offering hiking trails and cycle routes, to the craggy inland which you can gaze across as the sunsets, this is a county which offers it all. To reconnect with nature and enjoy taking time out within it, this is a perfect place to live.  



The pace of life down in Cornwall is very slow and that caters perfectly for retirees who wish to slow things down once they have finished working. You can see this in the small fishing villages and towns across the coast, down here it is the simple things which are enjoyed and whilst there is always something going on, there isnt the stresses and strains which you may  have found where you are living at the moment.  



There is an airport here in Newquay which serves much of the UK and many European destinations, as well as having a very good and regular rail link to the rest of the country. From here you can get to London in just under 3 hours by train, perfect for taking a couple of days out. From Cornwall you can also enjoy locations like Jersey and Guernsey for very low prices. Seeing friends and family across the country is not difficult from here in Cornwall, but you may find that they prefer to come and see you, and this beautiful county.   

For the perfect retirement destination, look no further than Cornwall.