Investing in the next generation

Here’s a nice heart warming tale to start your day. I’m here to tell you how one of the United Kingdom’s big banks is giving back to the local community through education. It is always great to hear about how a major institution is taking their corporate responsibility seriously and is actively seeking to invest in the country where it is based. Investing in education is one of the best and most rewarding ways to invest time and money. Scottish Friendly have invested both their time and money to launch a superb book tour throughout schools in the UK, they have even managed to convince some of the country’s leading authors to invest their time as well. With the bank, the author and the school kids all coming together, you have the perfect recipe to get kids learning and enthusiastic about reading.


The idea of the book tour is to bring school kids together with their favourite authors, the best part is that the authors are some of the best in the UK! Nearly all of the children that have participated so far have known the book but not the author. They soon get to know the person behind their favourite books, this is because the author will sit with the class and read the book to them. The latest addition to the tour is Jonathon Meres, he is renowned for his series of books ‘The World of Norm’. Meres has been blown away by the response of the children to the book tour, he has really enjoyed sharing his stories with the kids. Another thing to note is how impressed he has been by both the staff and the facilities at all of the schools he has visited, saying that he is not surprised how keen the kids are to learn because they get to spend so much time in fantastic surroundings.

Scottish Friendly’s initiative has had a great impact so far and as the tour continues it is clear that it is going from strength to strength. It is great to hear about ideas like this, it is nice to know that one of the big banks is keen to invest in the country’s future generation. With children being given the opportunity to interact with their favourite authors and read books with them the tour is sure to inspire the youth to read more, to push themselves and ultimately to improve themselves for the future. If you want to read about the tour and the latest news then head to the Mutual Society’s website for more information.

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