Healthy Eating Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

A lot has changed since we learned about the four food groups and healthy eating pyramids in middle school. The food choices have exploded and made shopping for healthy foods that much more challenging.  Going back to basics is the easiest way to develop healthy eating habits. Follow these suggestions from the professionals to get your healthy lifestyle back on track.  Eating healthy gives the body so much more energy without the constant highs and lows experienced when eating junk food.

Consider the following acronym as a mantra for healthy eating. This will also serve as a guide when making choices at the grocery store.  C-R-A-P is an acronym for Carbonated beverages, Refined sugars, Artifical sweeteners & colorings, Processed foods.  These items are pretty easy to avoid. Start by shopping on the exterior of the grocery store.  The majority of fresh produce, meat and dairy products fall outside of the c-r-a-p restrictions. Unfortunately, far too many added sugars and colorings can still be found in dairy products and meats.  The food industry has tapped into the weakness of our taste buds. The goal is to be informed and mindful of what you’re eating. Simply try to consume foods as close to possible in their natural state.

The second goal in a long term weight management program is to curtail portion size.  Another very easy recommendation to remember is fist sized portions.  Servings of meat should be no larger than half the size of your fist, carbohydrate portions no larger than the size of your fist and finally vegetable servings should be twice the size of your fist.  It’s time to throw out the measuring cups each time you portion your servings.

Follow these two guidelines for quality of food and serving sizes and you’ll be on your way to healthy weight loss that is manageable and sustainable. Best of luck to you!