Get your camper can holiday off to the best start possible

When people head down under to New Zealand or to Australia they are all aware that there is no better option that to hire a camper van to experience ultimate freedom during their holiday. When you hire a camper van you will have a hotel and a restaurant on wheels, that’s all we need to have the perfect holiday, add to that the fact that there are beds inside it means that you don’t need anything else. It makes it so easy to plan your budget when you hire a camper van because you know that most of the largest expenses are paid up front, perfect for people that unsure about he amount of money that they will need to spend when they visit Australia. Campervan hire┬áis popular with both tourists and locals, driving throughout this mesmerising country at your own pace is one of the best ways to spend your valuable holiday time.

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There are a few things that you need to consider to make sure that you have the best and smoothest time possible when you are on holiday.

Check the taxes

Sometimes when you are looking at prices online it can be a little confusing because the total price is not always included, you need to make sure that the price you are quoted includes all applicable taxes that camper van companies are required to pay by the government. It is usually included in the price but you need to double check so you are not charged more than you expected upon arrival.

Check if you can reduce the cost of the excess

All of the rental vehicles are covered by insurance, if you have an accident you will have to pay an excess/ An excess is the amount you need to pay if you have an accident int eh vehicle. Usually the more you pay for insurance reduces the excess. Nearly every company that I have come across will offer a discount on the amount of excess you are liable for, so make sure you ask to see if it can be reduced.

Check where you can pick up and drop off the camper van

This is a very important to any rental, you need to make sure that there is an option to pick up and drop off the camper van in the cities that you will start and finish your holidays. For example, if you take hire a campervan from Auckland then you will want to collect it there and drop it off in another part of the country. The good thing about most of the major hire companies is that they have offices near all of the major airports.

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