Chinese New Year – The only New Year to celebrate!

Chinese New Year is amazing, that is a fact! From the firework shows, to the street parades, to the lucky red packets and long holidays, it is probably one of the best holidays on the planet! it is celebrated throughout the world, in every major city you will celebrations going on to welcome in the Chinese New Year! From Bangkok to London I have seen people, Chinese and local, welcoming in the New Year and having a great time together. The fact that we get to experience one of the most amazing cultures on the planet during this time makes me feel very lucky and also glad that all over the world people are learning more about Chinese culture. Click here for a great video about Chinese New Year.

The traditions that surround the festival are taken very seriously indeed, the Chinese culture is very superstitious and therefore people wan to do they best they can to ensure that get all the luck they can in the New Year. Here are some of the things that people do:

Family Gathering

This may seem obvious because all over the world people gather together for most celebrations. In the Chinese culture it is very important. It is very important that they prepare the food together, the dumplings are one of the the most important things that are eaten. This is not because they taste great (they do by the way) but because a coin will be put into one of the dumplings, whoever gets the coin is then supposedly going to have a fantastic year!

Give red packets

During Chinese New Year you will see so many little red envelopes being handed out to children and single people. It is normal for people to hand out these envelopes. The envelopes have money inside and are seen as lucky – they are lucky for the person who receives the ‘lucky money’ and lucky for the person who gives it.

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