Buying a walk in shower

An increasing number of people are choosing to buy a walk in shower. Easily accessible walk in showers can make life so much easier for those with limited mobility. When you are looking at which walk in shower to purchase there are a lot of important factors that you have to think about. They can be an excellent solution for bathing issues and can give a person a new found independence, but you must be careful about what you buy and who you buy from. You should always buy your product from a reputable company, it is usually a good idea not to buy anything from a door to door salesman. Going to a show room where you can look at all the options and see which one suits you best. You don’t always have to spend an absolute fortune either, there are lots of options out there that can match everyone’s budget. Here are some key points for you to consider before you make any purchase.

walk in shower

Which way should the door open?

This is an important factor of the walk in bath/shower, there will be so much water inside the unit that it is an absolute disaster if the door opens and all of the water inside goes pouring out all over your bathroom. You can either choose an inward or outward opening door. Recent advances in the designs used suggest that the best option for you to choose is an inward opening door, this gives your tub more strength and will give less chance of the water flooding out on to your bathroom floor.

The materials are key

One of the most important parts of the bathtub is that the construction is sound, this is the most important aspect that will make the tub function properly. If the tub can not hold the pressure of the water then the results could be terrible and your new walk in shower might not last for as long as you would have wished. Nearly all top manufacturers will use acrylic these days, the reinforced acrylic gives you the strength and flex that your tub requires. Acrylic is both warm and durable, it is very good when it comes to resisting damage and will not show the wear and tear like some of the other materials. You should double check which material the product you are purchasing is made from, the process of manufacturing acrylic can be costly meaning that a lot of companies choose a cheaper material. You need to have the strongest most durable material otherwise you will only spend more on repairs, restoration and one day replacement.

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