Body confidence, and dressing to impress

You know what they say, confidence breeds confidence. If we can find a way to stimulate our inner confidence, then the world is our oyster. Whether it’s through the clothes we wear, the skillsets we harness or even just the glint in our eye, people will feel confidence oozing from you, they can sense it. It is a fact that confident people are generally more likely to succeed in life than timid individuals; they become life’s high achievers.


With that having been said then, how do you become a confident person? How to become the go-to-guy, the person that people confide in, trust and expect big things of. Well you have to be proactive, and work on your body confidence. Here are some golden tips to improve your overall body confidence:

Name your negative thoughts

You know that devil on your shoulder? That monkey on your back? The one that says “he/she doesn’t want to talk to you”; “you’re not good enough for that”. Well it’s time to take control. Acknowledge that voice, but understand it comes from within you. Name the thoughts ‘Jim’, then when those thoughts creep in, be self-aware and tell ‘Jim’ you not welcome here. Then move onto the action in hand, go out and get what you want

Identify the parts you love about yourself

Of course there are parts of our bodies that we don’t particularly like, however, we need to move away from the negativity. Don’t wade around in despair. Be aware that your arms, butt, shoulders and smile, whatever; is pretty darn nice and say it out loud. Be grateful for what you have been blessed with and be confident about it. Remember that confidence breeds even greater confidence.

Who you are not what you are

No one denies that it’s great to look really good, but your body is simply there to allow you to carry out basic actions. Skinny legs? They could allow you to run long distances. Big legs? You can nail that Zumba class. Talk and think about yourself in positive tones and the positivity will engulf you.

Don’t compete

When someone complains about how they hate their stomach, legs or shoulders, etc. an automatic reaction society has been created for us whereby friends respond, ‘no, my stomach is worse’. This is self destructive and helpful for neither of you. It is much more positive to remind each other what’s good about your lives, and your bodies – you’re lucky to have each other, bounce positivity off each other.

Dress to Impress

Sometimes you feel that you really need to dress to impress. Donning your sexiest clothes for your partner, whether it sexy fishnet lingerie nightwear, or a plunging neckline, does no harm to a relationship. Wear it, enjoy the experience and appreciate the compliments that come your way. It really is as simple as that.