Beauty Tips For 2019



Now that 2019 has set in and we’re into the swing of it, it can be easy to let our resolutions from January fall by the wayside. Were you one of millions of people who resolved to lose weight, take better care of yourself and generally just get on track with health and wellness? You definitely aren’t alone if you happened to lose momentum a couple of weeks in. Stuck for ideas how to get back on track? Here are some beauty tips for 2019 you can get going with to start!


Dental health is all the rage for 2019 and with it comes a whole host of really cool ways you can keep your pearly whites gleaming while cutting down on wasteful plastics that are clogging our oceans. First off, visit your dentist in Sheffield for a check up and then head out and get yourself a snazzy new bamboo toothbrush followed by some toothpaste tablets – literally tablets you wet down and then brush your teeth with. They’re easy to store in mason jars and the toothbrush biodegrades after being discarded. Win – win!


It seems that 2019 runways are going back to longer locks with flowy and natural looking bouncy curls. It’s no surprise that everyone loves curls that are soft and easy to manage without going all frizzy. Longer hair has been making a comeback for awhile, especially from the very short, buzzed looks just a couple of years ago. Not sure about long hair? Go for something in the middle around shoulder or just above the shoulder length to get some bounce and curl without being too heavy.


Nails are starting to take on a brighter look – a change from the muted tones of previous years. That said, some of the favourite colours in terms of nailpolish continue to be things like beiges, champagne colours or nude and natural. On the other end of the spectrum it looks like 2019 is a year to bring back 80’s nails with more models sporting neon, fluorescent colours. For a cool kick, see if you can find glow in the dark nail polish – a real blast from the past!


Makeup seems to be keeping it simple this year as the natural look from previous years has been a hit with everyone . Light on the eye makeup, bronzer and foundation, these looks are great for those with problem skin who can’t cover up too much due to clogged pores or other problems relating to caked on makeup. Try to keep your skin toned and clean when not wearing makeup. For the ultimate natural look try going makeup-free, with just a bit of black mascara for eye depth.

So there you have some great beauty tips for 2019 that you can be sure will make all your friends and family say ‘wow’! Which will you choose to start your beauty regimen back on the right track? We’d love to hear from you!