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5 reasons why your next Holiday should be Lisbon.

The capital of Portugal, steeped in history with its Mediterranean climates and with close ties to the Atlantic, is too great a city for anyone with the travelling bug to pass up.  With its cobble-stoned pavements and art nouveau everywhere you look, the charm of this city lies not only within its fabulous architecture, so here are 5 reasons why you should visit Lisbon this year.

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Sunshine and the outdoors

With only 100 days of mild rain a year Lisbon is a great city to visit all year round but especially in spring or summer where a number of events, festivals and fairs take place in some of the most beautiful gardens and parks.  Some of these should definitely not be missed, such as the local book fair, the Arte Lisboa, an international arts festival that takes place in sporadic parks and galleries in and around the city and the infamous Rock in Rio festival which has seen the likes of Metallica, Bruce Springsteen and other greats grace its stage in the past and always attracts a great crowd of music lovers.

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The people

As the saying goes it is the people that make the place and much can be said about the people in Lisbon being some of the nicest folk you’ll ever meet.  Even though they live a fast pace life, much like any other city, Lisboetas will go out of their way to make you feel at home and show you around their beautiful city if they have the time, so making friends here is not that hard.  The older folk take it a bit easier and you can see them passing time in squares playing games or singing ‘Fado’ (which literally means urge to sing), but are also always happy to strike up a conversation with a stranger.


Bairro alto

The Portuguese like to party and they do take their partying seriously sometimes until the early break of dawn  The area of Barrio Alto is famous for it’s nightlife and with Lisbon being quite smaller than other major European cities, everyone seems to congregate here and enjoy the night away in this huge stretch of bars and clubs.

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Minutes away from the ocean

Getting on a train to Cascais or Estoril will take you straight to the Atlantic Ocean in only a few short minutes, so if you want to play beach bum for a day or just go off on a wander this would be a great excuse to do so.


Accommodation and Cuisine

The Culinary experience you’ll get whilst in Lisbon is second to none whilst the accomodation will also leave you in awe and wanting to come back for more.  The Piri-piri Chicken and the custard tarts (a famous treat) you’ll taste here are unquestionably the real deal here and trust that you will never sink your teeth into something as tasty!



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